A constellation is set up as a multi-dimensional mapping of the client’s inner knowing, to make visible what has previously been invisible. These processes take from 30-60 minutes, using pieces of paper, objects, figures, footprints or group participants that represent people and elements in the issue, when facilitated in a group workshop setting. This unique mapping draws on the inner knowing of the client to “out-picture” what is going on related to their current concern.

One-on-one work in private consultation, whether for team leaders or for individuals, is sometimes preferable to a group workshop setting. However, groups can very often provide powerful and wonderful containers in which to expand our lens of awareness. The Family Constellation work, as brought to the world by Bert Hellinger, originated as a group process.

The Constellation approach, using representatives in a group, or directional markers, sets up a kind of map where hidden patterns can be seen, revealing the effects of a number of dynamics on a system. 

During a constellation, a client’s issue is set up by using a representative for each person or element involved. Some issues might be:


The facilitator and client choose markers to represent the people or things that make up this issue. A marker can be names or words written on pieces of paper, people, things or emotions placed symbolically on mats, identified as figurines, footprints or other objects. They can be participants in a group setting who are willing to represent. Or they can be virtually imagined. The client places the representatives in relation to one another in the space, including one to represent him/herself (most importantly).


A client sets up their issue using footprints to represent people or elements in the issue. The photos on this page show the use of footprints and figurines used as resources in one to one constellations; the size, colour, and placement offer a lot of information right at the outset of a process. Throughout, the client may shift some of these, or, in the case of using human representatives, they will see how these people may decide to move (and what they might want to say); human representatives bring information to light that is true to the client’s system.

We set up constellations to explore what in the family history may be having an underlying impact. Some critical historical event may require acknowledgement. Through traumatic and unsettled events there is often residue which finds its way through the generations, leaving a trickle or flood of unresolved debris. The re-solutions from these processes – perhaps simple acknowledgement and acceptance of what happened in an earlier time – offer the client a new understanding and outlook. One small step can potentially move us a giant leap forward.


What is the duration of a session?

A constellation can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. The unfolding experience is like a pebble going into a pond and ripples move outward for a while after the process has ended.

Constellation Work is not a replacement for therapy or medical diagnosis; the process is designed to be informational for people seeking personal and/or community opportunities for exploration and growth.