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The Constellation approach, developed originally by Bert Hellinger (Germany), uses human representatives in a group, or objects, papers and/or other markers, in one-on-one settings, to set up a living, multi-dimensional map, where hidden patterns and dynamics can reveal the source of blocks and difficulties.

Constellations are practiced worldwide and in some countries, like Brazil and Mexico, have now been adopted into post-educational, judicial and  institutional areas, in addition to personal and family life.  Business or organizational constellation work took hold in Europe some time after family constellations began to evolve and is now widely practiced in many countries.  Collective constellations explore obstacles and solutions for cities, large-scale societal issues, national and cultural patterns, etc. Virutally any issue, challenge, difficulty or goal can be explored using the Constellation method, whether in person or online!

Your Facilitator

For Judy, facilitation brings together her love of creativity, community engagement, ceremony/ritual and delight in helping others to define and expand their own ideas regarding growth, healing and self-empowerment.

Judy Young Melanson


Judy discovered the Constellation Work in 2001 in Ottawa under the gentle guidance of Eddy Beltran, a veterinarian who had found Bert Hellinger’s work at a US workshop that changed his life. With Bert’s blessing, Eddy started to regularly share the amazing process locally.

Eddy invited Bert Hellinger to Ottawa in 2000 and again in 2004. Along with Eddy’s commitment in Ottawa, Judy embarked on many journeys within Canada and to the US to study, organizing a series of training workshops for Hellinger Canada (Ottawa) in 2008-09 bringing Carola Castillo from Venezuela. She fell in love with the sometimes dramatic, often mysterious and always true and profound elements of constellation practice.

In 2014 Judy became certified in Systemic Dynamics for Organizations (the name for Constellation Work as it is applied to business and organizations) through the Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands and the Institute for Integrative Systemic Dynamics (USA).

She was subsequently certified as a Somatic
Experiencing Practitioner in 2018.
 SE is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. SE has become an important tool in Judy’s facilitation practice.